The purpose of life, is to live. (extrastout) wrote in burning_man,
The purpose of life, is to live.

A queary for ya . . .

Curious, what were some of your favorite stops on the playa in the last couple of years? What going on at your camp?

Flight to Mars --
A huge fun house. . . how can you go wrong?

That Camp / Club near three O’clock with the fresh sod and Jungle --
Beautiful to nap in the mist on a hot day (and that would be every damn day).

Ubercarny --
Other Michigan Burners pulling out all the stops to bring an insane ride and some great shows. The go-go dancers didn’t hurt either. The only way it could be more perfect is if there was a chiropractic camp right next door.

Any of the Absinthe Bars -- I've never met a green fairy I haven't liked (okay, that's not true, I haven't met one on the playa I haven't liked).

Our Camp-- We had the PoTSal Delivery Service over at real plaza -- We set up mail boxes all along the esplanade, drop a letter in and well eventual get it somewhere near where you wanted it delivered, maybe.

This year we will be hooking up with the Dead Letter Truck camp from Seattle to further harass and thwart those looking to deliver parcels across the desert.

So what stops on Playa do you recomend?
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