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Mutant Vehicle, Show N' Tell
Sunday, July 25th
1:00 pm - till we are done.
$5 donation/sliding scale

Our first Mutant Vehicle Social got such positive
feedback that we have decided to do another!
The Bay Area Motor Club
(formerly the SF City Car Club) &
TheNetworkGirl.com are hosting another
Mutant Vehicle Social - SHOW N' TELL.

The BM DMV deadline for Mutant Vehicle
pre-registration has past and now you are just
sitting around biting your nails waiting for an
answer. Relax and come on down and join us
for a day in the sun!

Bring your plans, and or/your car, and let us
celebrate your unique wonderments. This will
be a great opportunity to see some of the Mutant
Vehicles, and do a little shop talk - perhaps
figure out some last minute design problems
etc. with experienced designers.

There is something for everyone to enjoy!
Check it out:

Some of the Mutant Vehicles:

Phoenix – Power Tool Racer
Chasterus (creator of Cinnabar Charm) New R.V. Project.
Justice – Dragon Motorcycle
Dragonfly – Go Kart
George Bush effigy

Art Car Demonstrations/Hand-on:

*Jillian Fiberglass Techniques.

*Cool Neon will be there demonstrating some
cool El-wire stuff, special event discounts too!

*Hands on Art -project! Help in the creation
of the "Trophy Troll Mobile" - help glue some
stuff - if you got some extra trolls laying around
or mirrors bring them on down!

Art from the
Pacific Art Collective!

We will also have live bands*, B.B.Q.
and more!?

*Plastination - Gram Rock
*Blue Max - Original Rock Band
*Six Million Dollar Band - T.V. Cover Tunes - yes,for real!
*Gomer Hendrix Band - Rock SKA Funk with satirical humor fun.

For Up-to-date Event info visit:
or mutantvehicle.tribe.net

-Help share resources by bringing names and
contacts for Bay Area auto supply shops etc.
that are "MV/Art Car" friendly/cheap. We want
to create a pooled list of local resources.
-If you are a mechanic who has the skill and
is for hire for projects bring your info! We will
have table set-up for business cards etc. and
a sign-up list for people needing to hire help/
or list yourself as help for hire.

Donations welcome, if you care to
share- no one will be turned away. BYOB.

R.S.V.P if you are planning to bring your
Mutant Vehicle, we have special Rock
Star Parking.

For more information about the Mutant Vehicle
Social or if you want to help? presenters,
mechanics, volunteers etc.- contact:
Jeanavive - TheNetworkGirl
(Event Architect/Artistic Marketeer)
Email: info@thenetworkgirl.com

Thanks again to the The Bay Area Motor Club
(formerly the SF City Car Club)for providing
such a wonderful event space. Their business
is a valuable resource for our community! They
provide an awesome indoor work shop, daily,
weekly and monthly options, tools and equipment
available and 24 hour access.
For more info on the club, check out
www.bayareamotorclub.com or
email: BayAreaMotorClub@yahoo.com or call
(415) 970-0648

The Bay Area Motor Club (formerly the
SF City Car Club) is located at:
1598 Custer Avenue
San Francisco, Ca 94124

Directions from 101:
Exit Caesar Chavez East
Right turn on Evans Ave.
Left turn on Rankin
We are located at the corner of Rankin and
Custer Ave.

Directions from 280:
Exit Caesar Chavez East
Right turn on 3rd St.
Right turn on Custer Ave. (2nd right)
We are located at the end of Custer Ave, on
the corner of Rankin and Custer

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