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For the sake of saving the one person who otherwise would suffer....

This year's Playa is VERY powdery. I've been up 3 times since June and the area where we will be is moosh. I tried bringing up my wheelchair which was a joke. My crutches were my only modus transporti, and they sank 6 inches until hitting anything firm just about anywhere I went. I imagine things might settle a bit once we get there and pound things down a bit but I sure wouldn't want to be the one showing up with my shiny new 12-speed racing bike. Fat nubbed tired mountain bikes are key - and dust from whiteouts and rain can surprise even the most hardened veteran; score yourself a respirator if you can; heck, if you don't need it at the Playa, it'll come in handy the next anthrax attack that comes

and just for the record: bunnies and monkeys are no longer en vogue. this year its donkeys.

"One who disqualifies a good party is dangerous. Very dangerous."
- a '98 burner

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