Pink Monster (iceblink) wrote in burning_man,
Pink Monster

LiveJournal Camp Ideas

Hello Fellow Burners!

68 days left and we have a lot to do.

So far here are some of the camp ideas I have

1.) Have some discussions or workshops on
storytelling, the art of journaling, the perils and
pratfalls of being a reporter on your own life, that
kind of thing. Maybe people could get together and
read passages from their journals, whether or not they
are online.

2.) I think it'd be great if you could rig up a
webcam, and/or have a way for people to make
Livejournal entries from BM. (I don't know that this
one is all that practical...connectivity is VERY
limited out there)

3.) A camper has volunteered to make a LARGE journal.

4.) Dirge Parties (In recognition of remembrance)

5.) Other party themes regarding Remembrance
(Halloween, Dias De Las Muertes, Samhain, and any
other days of remembrance.

Please give us your ideas ..... we need night time and
day time ideas. Also, now that are camp will be
getting more recognition....we need more blank
journals. Bring whatever you can just make sure the
paper is bound. We don't need to be running around
chasing paper.

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