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What do you think we are, Monkeys on Sticks???

Massage Raffle to send me to Burning Man!

Well, I've got my low income ticket! I'm really excited about this. In an effort to subsidize the rest of my trip, I am raffling off my massages. I am a professional Massage Therapist in the Boston area.

Free Spirit Holistic Massage

1st Prize - Two 90 minute massages
2nd Prize - One 90 minute massage
3rd Prize - One 60 minute massage

$5 per entry in person or $5.45 via paypal. Your ticket stub will be given (or mailed) to you, and counts as a $10 coupon for a session with me. The idea behind this is that even those who do not win one of the prizes will get something good in return.

The raffle drawing will take place at the Boston Burners Meet n' Greet Tuesday, August 17, 2004. Winners will be notified by e-mail or phone if not present.

All prize massages are to take place in my office in Teele Square. I imagine that I'll be giving massages on the playa, but I'd rather those be free, instead of prizes.

Please note that these prize massages can be used as gift certificates for friends (which may be of particular interest to those who are not in the Boston area, but have friends who are).

Since I have some very kind Boston Burners loaning me gear, the money I raise will go towards my plane ticket, food and miscelleneous necessities (i.e. med kit).

I am so excited for my first burning man! I never really thought I'd be able to go, but this year everything is just falling into place. :)

I keep on trying to prepare myself, but I know that no matter what, I will be surprised! Time to go with the flow I guess!
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