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I need help - journaling project!

Burning Man Journaling Project:
So time is approaching for BM and since I cannot be everywhere at once I was hoping that some people could help me with my Ethnograhpy on Burning Man. What I hope is that some people would be willing to do some journaling for me. Prior to BM in preperation, on the Playa, and post BM. You can write anything you want about what is going on around you, your thoughts/impressions whatever. Details are wonderful - the idea of an Ethnography is to document the day to day activities of a culture. A snap shot if you will; a moment in time. If anyone is interested contact me and we can work out the details. You will be credited for anything that is referenced and you will keep your journal - and I will figure out a system were I can make copies either by sending me the orginal or if you are local to the Bay Area we can do it in person.

Someone gave me a tip about this community that people might be interested and also I just created a community specfically for this project:

Prior to Burning Man you can JOURNAL online and also after. This is my first time setting up a live journal community so I am not sure if I did this right? On the playa you can do it the old fashion way with pen n' paper and than mail me the journal I will make copies and return. You will be created for any of the material that is used and the goal is to get this Etnography published about the Culture of BM.

Here is a BRIEF outline of some of the current material"

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