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equal parts Art, Chaos, Community, and Pizza

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The Idea: Random Pizza Experience.

The basic idea is to randomly deliver pizzas throughout the playa to individuals and groups who not have technically “ordered” pizzas, but who, perhaps upon deeper soul searching realize that they had indeed “called” out for a pizza. And we answered their call. We - the members of the Random Pizza Community.

The pizza box lid has a mapped location for the center of the Random Pizza Experience and asks that they return the box marking on the box where they were when they got the pizza. If they’d like to write something on the box about themselves or their thoughts they had while eating pizza they are welcome.

Back at HQ we’ll track where the cumulative movements of the pizza. For reasons that won’t be entirely clear for some time.

In a possibly slightly cheesy way, this random pizza delivery experience shows how we’re all part of a greater community. And how the moment when people share pizza randomly is a time mark of a crossing of stories, just as random as a person on bus, but perhaps more memoriable. The delivery person, who randomly rode by a camp and became randomly became a pizza delivery person, to the pizza maker to the pizza eater who all engaged in this experience randomly, but who can later use it as a time marker for their mutual experience. In a way it is a line that binds all the stories in the pizza community. Whatever. But maybe?

As for how you “get a pizza” for those who really just want a pizza. It’s pretty simple: make 2 pizzas (or more) and keep one for yourself/group. Using a laminated pizza instruction sheet anyone can make a pizza, so knock yourself out. So all the pizza making labor is provided randomly. Of course making, pizza by members of the Random Pizza Community are always appreciated.

So, I have everything we need - the theme camp location secured on the playa and the idea recipe – except for people, ingredients, and a pizza oven.

At the playa we don’t need a lot of people, but everyone would have a place to hang out while the random people of the playa came over to make pizzas, deliver pizzas, and return pizza boxes, creating a little eddy of random interactions.

So here’s what we/I need help with:

A pizza oven:
Personally, I’d like a propane pizza oven like those at festivals. I’ve also considered (if we can find a way to bring it to the playa) a full size home oven that has been converted to propane. Or some people think we should create wood fired grill ovens.

Pizza ingredients:

Personally, I’d like to have enough ingredients to make 500 pizzas (that’s 5 per hour, 20hrs per day for 5 days), but whatever. The more pizzas the better, but fewer won’t dampen my pizza enthusiasm. Budget is a concern (as in spending as little as possible) but there is some money in the kitty (donations welcome!).

If you think you are interested in becoming part of the Random Pizza Camp you can:

a) come to our camp and make a pizza…
b) help us find/borrow/buy-on-the-cheap a pizza oven…
c) help us find someone who runs a pizza business who has some ingredients to sell/donate…
d) offer to help do something, whatever, maybe a shade structure or solar powered fridge…
e) help us create a pizza box layout…
f) suggest a way to keep pizza ingredients cool on the playa…
g) suggest something completely random, which somehow in the end was actually applicable…
h) write and tell me how much fun this sounds but how you can’t help and wish me luck…

Here’s what you should not do:

Write me to tell me what an idiot I am or how [insert your negative comment here] this idea is or your [insert your well considered but poorly written] comments on Burning Man. But if you really need to, I promise to read them.

Tundra Tommy

PS I’m not making this up…I mean, I am, but I’m serious about creating a Random Pizza Experience.
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