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The MAN burns in 26 days!!!

Hey, I was just wondering how people are going to Burning Man? What are your plans for going, or who are you going with? How many people are going with big groups? How important is community to you at Black Rock City? Is anyone going alone? Camping alone?

I still haven't completely figured out who I'm going with and exactly what I'm doing, so hearing what others are doing might help me out. I'd like to be part of a larger camp, though at this point it doesn't seem likely it will happen. Right now my options seem to be camping with my ex boyfried which may be emotionally difficult or camping with my cousin and her friend who have very different lifestyles and interests from me. Or I could go by myself, but Burning Man is about community and so going alone I may feel less part of a community.

Any suggestions?

This will be my third burn, and I am so excited to go home to the playa!!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing and safe trip.

And maybe I'll see you in Black Rock City!

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