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My relationship status has changed which changes my camp plans - i wasn't really doing anything interactive but now it looks like it's just me, where i thought there would be three of us... Sigh.

Lets talk about making lemonade from this small sized bag of lemons that fate has handed me...

I'm doing a couple of cafe shifts this year, and intend to bring a watch and participate in more of the organized stuff than i normally do "out there"

i'm all sorts of ready for this trip really - there will be some last minute purchases and i'm not sure about cooking and stuff anymore - if it's just me do i want to bother doing real cooking?

i don't know


and sigh

and i'm so excited i could explode

mama playa will cover my wounds with her healing dust and take my mind from these earthly pains with her infinite sky and cleansing wind

soon mother, i will be home

yeah, so yeah, i'll see you on the playa
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