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So, now i have a plan... of course, playa time and playa weather will have it's way with any plans anyone makes for their time at "that thing in the desert" but here are my tentative plans.


two shifts at the cafe - thursday friday from 11am til 3pm (come say hi!)
collecting cans for recycle camp on wednesday (how cool, they let you borrow a bike and you get to meet people and fight moop at the same time - thanks revolutionniare!)
possibly lemonade in the afternoon on thursday (me making lemonade from the lemons fate has handed me - thanks Todfox!)
hanging out with twisted cat for a while with the funny hats
flirting with anyone who won't run whenever i get the chance
not dying
discovering myself
exploring exploring exploring
and washing peoples feet at foot in the bucket camp (on mercury and 4:30, its part of gigsville) for a while on sunday and probably thursday and friday

Now, whats going on on Friday night? I used to go to Fandango's friday night cocktail party, but it may not happen this year

in fact - what are your plans for the evenings this year?
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