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Generator Noise

im coming out of my skin to get to the playa and there is still so much to do. I saw the recent post about muffling generator noise. I am having the same dilema, except our generator will more than likely be mobile.... our art car requires a generator to run the lights- and it doesnt have a built in one. we created a platform on the back end to hold the generator. I have had lots of ideas about muffling the noise and also making it less playa-fide.... i still have concerns over have adequate ventalation for the exhaust... and dispersing the heat so that it doesnt fry. making a four wall box around the generator and leaving the top open sounds like the best idea for our situation. I still have concerns about the heat inside the box (even with the top open) and making sure the exhaust is allowed to escape at an adequate rate. Are my concerns valid? our platform is twice as large (in all directions) as our generator, so I do have some room to work with in making the box much bigger than its contents....im just a worrier about the unknown. plywood box, fire hazard? adequate breathing room foradequate breathing room for the generator to not overheat? (sorry about the previous back ground/text color problem.dunno how it happened, but looks to be fixed!)
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