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LJ Party Time (we're on)

Stardust Covered Livejournal Party!!

Dock your mutant shuttles and two-wheeled starships at the Infinite Oasis Village, where you can meet fellow Black Rock Livejournal Addicts at the Wonderlounge for an evenings' debauchery. Bring Food, Drink, or Whatever you want to share. Users of other online journals and blogs are also welcome! If desired, the orbit of the party can break off to join other events -- after all, as proven by the recent Democratic Convention, without bloggers to report how will we know they happened at all?

Stardust Covered Livejournal Party
Wednesday, September 1st
Around Sundown (7:30-ish?)
Wonderlounge at Infinite Oasis Village
4:30 & Earth
Black Rock City

Bartenders: Delia & marrilee
Party Host: todfox

BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything)
Don't leave MOOP behind
Tell your friends
Have fun!
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