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Burning Man and expectations

from the ny list via the staff list... i thought it lovely...

A Newbie's Guide to a Lousy First Burn

Rule 1: Make Expectation List

* I expect to have my mind blown
* I expect to make the best friends I'll ever make anywhere else
* I expect everything I see to be unlike anywhere else
* I expect to have sex with strangers every other hour
* I expect to feel a warm, welcoming embrace from everyone
* I expect that all my neuroses will melt away
* I expect to be emotionally transformed
* I expect that I'll get over being shy/unhappy/sad/whatever the minute I step on the playa
* I expect that all the plans I'm making now about what I'll do when I get there will actually happen the way I envision them
* I expect to run into the eight people I know who will be there
* I expect that the people I'm camping with won't be distracted by other things and ever forget to include me
* I expect to be happy every waking moment

A Newbies Guide to a Great First Burn

Rule 1: Make Expectation List

* I expect this to be a unique experience, but that I won't know what the experience will be or how to deal with it until I'm there
* I expect to have my beliefs and boundaries questioned and possibly altered
* I expect that for as much as I've planned and prepared that something may happen that was completely outside my expectations and that it will be just fine
* I expect to make the best of any situation, but realize that I'm my own limitation
* I expect to let go of my expectations

There's a huge difference between making plans and making expectations. Do the former, not the latter.
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