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Need advice from Burners who skipped a year

This is my first year in five that I will not be traveling to Black Rock City, due to circumstances that I really cannot change. I thought I would be fine, knowing that I will go next year, but now that it is August, I find my heart is totally aching as all of my playa buddies are doing the traditional gearing-up last push before the journey. It's not just the actual event I'll miss, but also the caravan road trip journey from Seattle (through the beautiful Oregon outback, Summer Lake Hot Springs, the small friendly towns of Lakeview, Alturas, Cedarville and of course Gerlach) and all of the laughter and adventures on the way down and back are just as significant. And there's something in that magical desert alkaline dust that simply recharges my battery.

I'm so homesick. :-(

Anyone want to share their experiences about how they survived their year(s) away?

And to those who are going this year -- newbies and old-timers -- have a splendid, beautiful Burn and happy new year.
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