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quintessence ejaculate

This isn't completely on topic, but here it goes to any Bay area types on here.

I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Napa Valley for my cousin's wedding, later today. Tomorrow, I'm gonna be staying with some friends in San Jose till late wensday night, when I catch the red eye back to Detroit.

I'm looking for stuff to do, in San Fran and San Jose, that might fall a bit off the track from the typical touristy stuff. I know about Alcatraz and Fisherman's warf. I want to know about those little hole in the wall places only the locals know about?

Where's the best place to get sushi without spending an arm and a leg? What are some nifty, unique shops that don't fall on the typical tourist tracks? (I'd love to take back a wall hanging of some sort) I'm missing the Burn this year, somewhat because of this trip, so, are there any events going on locally I might get to taste a bit of the vibe at? What's your favorite view of the city?

I remember reading about a mural some Burners were restoring last year before Beyond Belief, and I seem to think it was in San Fran. I'd love to see the fruits of the labor, wander the park. What's your favorite area to just get lost in?

Another question, looks like I'm catching a shuttle back to SF airport, and then I'm going to need to jump the Caltrain to San Jose. Which station would that be? The maps at the airport seemed to show me needing to grab the Bart from there and then transferring over to the Caltrain, though they weren't incredibly helpful, and the website for caltrain doesn't really list anything as an Airport station. It's all written for people who know the area, not to help those of us trying to use it from out of town.

Alright, enough internet. It's time to tour some wineries. Thanks folks, I appreciate any and all help in this manner.
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