.:jennifer evonne heyning:. (exoterica) wrote in burning_man,
.:jennifer evonne heyning:.

I:O wants to play with you!

Imbedded deep within the alien worlds of the BRC observatory at city center there is a magnetic oracle, a mirror into the universal soul.

Here's your chance to dance with tens of thousands of metal orbs! I:O is just one of ten interactive Off-Planet Theatres taking place under the man this year. We're looking for talented performers who want to take a turn in the BRC seat of wisdom. Performance artists, dancers, mimes and artist models are particularly encouraged to sign up in advance and share the good word with their tribes.

The Off-Planet Theatres are also looking for Cosmologists to facilitate the ten theatres from 8-3 every night. Look for details in the latest JRS, on the BM website, or email Nambla the Clown for more info. Nambla can be reached at namblatheclown (at) Ggreg (dot) com, or if you'd like to sign up for time as the I:O, drop a line to me directly. 45 minute slots are available from 8PM-3AM Monday thru Friday.
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