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Please help me get to burning man!!!

im so excited for this year...

there has been so much confusion and disapointing factors in planning for this years burn, and now i have come to the last hurdle...

to find a ride there for my good friend evan and i (joanna). we would like to leave sometime between the 27-29th and arrive home anytime between the 6-10th. looking for a ride out of seattle we would of course help pay for gas and travel expenses.

please if you or anyone you know can take us to burning man we will love you forever!!!!!

im starting to get a little panicked since we are approaching so quickly but it is burning man and i believe that everything will work out, and we have overcome so much to be able to go this year that for it not to work out at the last minute would be so upsetting....i will get there and one of you will help!

thank you and i hope you all have a fabulous burn!

ps (ive already posted on bm ride share)
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