Potential Energy (literary_voyeur) wrote in burning_man,
Potential Energy

Two more questions

So has anyone here taken a Digital SLR down to the playa? I want to take my 10d down there to take photos and was just wondering what sort of wear and tear has been experienced in the past. I'm planning on having it cleaned or bringing canned air to clean it a bit between uses. Thoughts?

Also...Just wondering if there are any good DJs, bands etc that people know of planning on playing down there during the week at random camps. Exploring for new stuff is great but I like to plan out some of the late nights so I can coordinate with friends. The "big" thing that I know of right now is Sandra Collins playing at the Opulent Temple on Sat after the Burn and D:Fuse playing at Opulent Temple on Friday night/morning from like 1:30 - 6:30.

Thanks ahead of time for the help.
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