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C:4 hosting Animal Control at our Pussy Party...meaow!

Hello all you beautifl playa peeps!!!

If were were planning on attending our fabulous Pussy Party and
Parade tuesday night on the playa, heres all the more reason to
show up in your feline best, and even more reason to come
surrounded by your sexy kittens: Meow!

The strong and sexy ANIMAL CONTROL will be stopping by to possibly
"kidnap, trap and then forcefully feed and ply the animals with
liquor and ----s! Then after 'rehabilitation' they will give
release" to the animals. So...ahem, where was I? After the
release part? ummm Oh yes, after they massage and get you drunk,
ahm I mean...anyway, come on over for the party of the century!!!!
Its gunna be a frenzy of pussy power!

WHAT? PUSSY PARTY (be one or have one) for Catification station
(become a feline), body painting, pussy decorating, and fashion
and our special guests ANIMAL CONTROL....


Where? C:4! Crazy Canadian Cosmic Cats CAMP at 9:00 plaza
(look for the giant orange cat head)

BRING? Gifts of plates of milk, catnip, liquer and other tinctures
are welcome, as are body painters and more pussies...cats !!!

Be there or be nutered babes!!!

meow prrrr

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