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Burningman travel plans

Looks like I'll be driving an SUV up to the burn this year. AC, cd player. Much more comfortable than my car. After looking over my gear for this year, it looks like I'm going to have one extra seat and a little cargo space.

Anyone need a ride up to the burn?

I'll come pick you up if you're in San Luis Obispo, Ca or North San Luis Obispo County. You can come meet me and leave your car at my place for the duration if you live south of me.

I expect to split reasonable car responsibilities - gas and driving. You need a license or you need to pay for 100% of gas if you don't have a license and i'll do the driving.

My friend Laura is having a collar ceremony at TOA so i have to get to the burn by 6pm Tuesday afternoon. That's my one incontrovertible priority. Everything else is negotiable.

I'm currently planning to leave monday the 30th late PM or tuesday the 31st early AM with a stop in reno/sparks for food and water. I'd like to leave for home monday 9/6 by noon. I could be convinced to take a more scenic route to the burn, say through Tahoe, but I do have to be at TOA by 6pm Tuesday.

I'm camping in Gigsville, about 4:30 and Mercury.

Drop me a note at sergio_monge at if you're interested in riding up with me.

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