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This is going to be my second burn.  Last year I was so overwhelmed and on the playa for such a small amount of time that I barely started getting a taste of things and it was already time for me to go.  So this year I'm heading out early, staying late, and I'm thinking I'd like to dabble in being a bit more involved by volunteering somewhere.

It looks like there are still plenty of opportunities to do so on the playa even though I didn't even think about this until now.  My question to you guys is... well, any recommendations?  I've heard & read great things about Greeters and Lamplighters.  Anyone out there have a suggestion for something good that's outside the norm?  Maybe some personal experiences to share?  Random streams of consciousness?

I'll probably just wing it.  But everything I needed to learn in life, I learned from watching G.I. Joe.  Knowing... mattered for something... I think... but I forget.  I'm sure it wasn't that important. I got nuthin.  So what do you guys have?
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