telizas (onewomanshow) wrote in burning_man,

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Please, please, pick up a
handful of ashes and blow them North East
Let me smell the playa once more
and the vinegar and foot balm
sunscreen and sweat
I want to be there beside you
with the flames falling around us
and the joy from all sides
on all streets
I cannot feel the arms of my neighbors
around me
this time
I won't sit in the center of the temple
and cry with you
my name won't be there
I can't write depression on it's walls
and watch my sorrow touch the sky
I will be here, alone
without the sunset behind the moutains
or the laser lights stretching into infinity
I won't see you dance or
feel you embrace against the embers
of what once stood so tall
and guided us during the night
Please, please, think of me when he burns
my spirit will be there with you
longing for my body
to be dancing with you.
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