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Gravity Bowl Art Car

From Gizmodo.com

"Attention Filthy Hippies: I know many of you will be attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert in a week or so, conveniently assembling a large percentage of your various freakish/geekish subcultures into one arid, easily-eradicated and forgotten place. Since I have it on good word that, given the current political climate and the disturbing rumor that many of you drop outs will actually be voting this year, a "missing" nuclear warhead from a World War II testing facility will be "found" and painted as a large, throbbing penis god/flame cannon/disco ball, virtually guaranteeing that crowds of your males will scramble on top of it, bellies full of 2-TC-Special-G, setting off a tragic but inevitable explosion that wipes your reeking kind from the earth forever. No price is too small to rid ourselves of your scourge, especially if that price is just, you know, Reno.

However! In the interest of preserving your legacy, it would please me if you would, before heading off to that big rave in the sky, send me in the few completely awesome things you have created to further your drug cult agendas, such as this GravityBowl art car, a fully motile UFO-like couch with built-in speakers, lights, and (presumably) sandal storage.

Well done, hippies. While the rest of us built the most efficient money-making society ever conceived, you were building the first car with no front end - so you could always steer when really, really high."

Great pics are located at http://www.gravitybowl.com/blog/2004/08/blue-lights-and-motor-testing.html

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