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weather report

(this is reposted from the BRC_masquerade list, i am not the original author)

Word from people on the Playa, in Gerlach and Reno reports cold and rainy conditions. Thunderstorms in the afternoon, dawn temps around 30, Monday 1PM the mercury read a mere 70 degrees. For those of us that were there, think about the '98, '99 and 2000 Burns. My contact in Reno states that the past three days have felt like October; cool days and chilly nights. Maid Marian says that it's hovering around the mid-80s but the ORG always tries to put a positive spin on things and that might be a little generous. I'd assume "cold" and dress in layers.

Scotch-guard everything that doesn't naturally shed water. Go to your camping supply store and invest in a gallon of rain repellant. Bring rain gear. Get tarps to floor your camp's footprint with. Bring cold weather clothing and think about getting a catalytic heater for your shelter and pocket handwarmers. Gore-Tex and Teflon are your friends. Don't forget that tea kettle and consider packing some cans of soup! Heck, I think even electric socks wouldn't be entirely unreasonable. Playa cold is nasty, it keeps your body from heating itself up.

When you're building your structures, sink the support posts down below 6" into the Playa, because the top six will be MUD. Bring some palettes to stand on.

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