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Reminder: LiveJournal Party At Blackrock

Can you believe it's only one week away?

The Star Dust Covered LiveJournal Party

...because if no one writes about it in an online journal, how do we know it really happened?

All LiveJournal users, other online journalists, their friends, etc. welcome.

Who: todfox (host), marrilee and Delia (bartenders), and you
What: Whatever you make of it. Bring a cup. Bring your own beverages, food, etc. to share. Bring your laptop with wifi access so the less well-equipped can make updates to their journal from the event. Bring whatever you think would make it fun. Dance to funk music until you can't dance any more!
Where: Wonderlounge at the Infinite Oasis Village (4:30 & Earth), Black Rock City
When: Wednesday, September 1st at sundown (7:30pm ish)
Why: For the hell of it.

See you there!

Here is the schedule I received for the Center Cafe Spoken Word Stage. Note Thursday!

Monday: 12pm - Martin Hickel
12:30 pm - Mathew Smith

Tuesday: 12-2:30pm - Moon Dancer
2:30-3pm - Tony Melanio
3-3:30pm - Lynne Morrow
3-3:30pm - Gustav Sallas
4- 6pm - Open Mic
6-6:30pm - Eye Witness News

Wednesday: 12-12:30pm - Russell Wilcox
12:30-1pm - Martin Hickel
1-1:30pm - Jerry Smith
1:30-2pm - Lynne Morrow
2-5pm - Open Mic
5-6pm-comedy hour with Moshe
6-6:30 - Eye Witness News

Thursday: 12-12:30pm - Luaral Scotland-Stewart
12:30-1pm - Tony Melanio
1-1:30pm - Kit O'Connell (todfox)!
2-4pm - Nambla The Clown
4-5pm - Early Bird Special Dinner
Theater with Eilzabeth "Terrence Trent Darby"
5-6pm Open Mic
6-6:30pm Eye Witless News

Friday: Noon - MoonTrout
12:30pm - Maxim abelev
1pm - Ironica
1:30pm - Laurie Mimosa
2pm - Darlinda
3pm - Amy Shapiro
4pm-4:20pm Orange Peel Moses
4:20- 5pm- Open how many Mic's do we rip on the daily
5pm - Moshe Kasher's Comedy Explosion
6pm - Eye Whiteness News

Saturday: 12-12:30pm - Layne Thrasher
12:30-1pm - Matthew the sultan of slam Smith
1-2pm - Kid Beyond
3:30-5pm - Open Mic
5-6pm Moshe and his comedy crazies
9:30- the Breaka Breaka Dawn G-Dub
and his Hip Hop Allstars Starring Dickie Skilzzz,
Julius Sharpe, and ZZ Dog AKa ethan Zohn....

So come see me on Thursday at 1:30pm at Center Cafe. I am excited and nervous at is is the first spoken word open mic I have done in a few years and 30 minutes is a huge timeslot compared to what I am used to. here, here and here are three random samples of my work.

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