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Burning Man interviews on San Francisco radio stations.

In this post rootie_kazootie announced that Maid Marian, Larry Harvey and Brian Doherty would be doing interviews on KFOG and KQED.

Here is KQED's blurb about the interview:
Forum discusses the history, art and politics of the annual Burning Man festival which starts Monday in the Nevada desert.
Host: Michael Krasny
Brian Doherty, author of "This is Burning Man" and senior editor of Reason Magazine
Larry Harvey, executive director of the Burning Man Project and chairman of Black Rock City, LLC

Here is the link to the archive of the interview:

Here is KFOG's blurb about the interview:
Burning Man is next week...founder Larry Harvey took time out of the busy prep-week to visit KFOG and talk about the phenomenon. This years theme is "Vault of Heaven", and somewhere in the range of 40,000 artists and revelers are expected. You can still participate - tickets available through Have a safe and wondrous journey Fogheads!

They *may* eventually put the interview archive here (see bottom of page for interviews):
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