She's alright. (pamcash) wrote in burning_man,
She's alright.

I'm sure you don't need this post, but...

I only went to burning man once. I had a crappy time, but that's a whole 'nuther story. I just want to alert the first timers of potential pitfalls.

As a woman on the playa, make sure you take as many precautions there as you would any club or party you would normally go to. Don't assume that everyone there is totally awesome. I was naive and I got slipped GHB in my drink and was passed out the entire day. Luckily some kind people carried me somewhere safe where I wouldn't get hurt, but some guy out there was drugging women without their consent with a drug that is traditionally used for date rape. After that experience, my immunity was so low on the harsh playa that I got very very sick and had to fly home.

Most people there are very, very, very cool. But there are going to be some dumb kids who go just to party in silly, destructive, disrespectful ways. To each his own, but be wary.

I'm sure you're all too fucking smart for this post, but I just don't want my experience to be repeated. Thanks, and have a blast.
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