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My Burningman Hopes:

I look forward to Burning Man.  I read in a friends journal, years ago that it was a life changing experience.

I am not expecting my life to be altered, yet i retain the latent hope that it will be.  That the heat of the desert will burn away the remaining sadness, guilt and anger that has built up on my soul like so much fat clogging the arteries of my life.

I am not looking for truth, but I know it's out there.  Perhaps not on the playa, but it out there in the world waiting for me to find it.  I do hope that the truth, when found, will help settle my restless spirit

I am looking for a good time.  I'm not looking for drugs, or sex, or ritualistic tribal rioting.... Though I know those are out there, and who am I to buck a trend? 

I want input... like Johnny 5, I am alive.  I need experience to survive. Millions of  Images, all shapes and size.  These I know will be there waiting for me to gorge my senses on.

So I will take my hope, temper it with fear, strike it with resolve, and forge it over the week into a talisman to keep for the rest of my life.

While this journey may not alter my life.  It will become a part of it.

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