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Satellite Phones There??

I have a last minute dilemma that I was wondering if I could get some advice on. I start college again the day after Burning Man. During Burning Man is the time that I have to complete registration for my classes. This entails calling my school, getting some mystical secret password and then going online and doing the final registration. I know what my classes will be, but for some reason my school requires final registration to be done with this mystical PIN number that will only be available to me from Aug 30 til Sunday Sept. 4. After that I am required to physically go to the school and register which will be a problem since I won't be able to make it to the campus til Thursday the 9th, which might be too late.

ANYWAY, I know that some people have internet access out there, which is great... If I can make the call I will barter fifteen miniburgers (the amazing single serving universe) for 5 mins online.... But is there ANY phone reception out there at all?? My boyfriend said there might be "satellite phones" on the playa. Anyone know anything about this and where I can look? If not, there is cell phone reception in Gerlach?

Thanks Everyone. We are leaving today. I can't wait, I'll see you there!!
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