Jacqui (jacqui) wrote in burning_man,

Hello From Burning Man

Hello My Darlings -- Hello From Kidsville @ 5:30 and Earth on the Playa,

I am so amazed that we have Wifi now. I was thrilled when I heard we could use it to sign on from Center Camp but I'm in my RV right now using it, yeehaw.

I'm just so worn out, weary, and exhausted I can't think straight let alone stay awake much longer. You know that first day on the playa feeling? Well, that's how Beau and I are feeling right now. We're covered in dust and keep wandering around moving things back and forth, trying so hard to set up and organize our home here.

I have so much to share with you but I am so tired my eyes are rolling up, it's almost five in the morning, maybe I should try to get some sleep?

Will check back in soon...
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