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Hope you all have as good a trip home as we did!

Hi all! Just a drive by to say that I arrived back from Burning Man safe and sound. We ended up leaving a day early, missing out on the temple burn not because we weren't having a good time, but because we had had SUCH a good time that we were all partied out by yesterday and felt like it was a good time to end it on a high it were. ;)

Also, my campmates also packed up and left, but that was only part of it. My crew AKA husband and daughter, and myself have been blessed enough to find ourselves in a good enough head/heart/soul space that we did not feel like we needed the Temple burn as much as a hot shower and soft, dust-free bed. Plus I missed my puppy a lot. In years past, the Temple Burn has been the highlight of Burning Man for me, an ultimate catharsis that would purify my sense of self and burn up all the heaviness that had accumulated over the year. But this year I am feeling full of light and love already. I spent Sunday sunrise on the highest point of the temple, welcoming the coming of a new day and taking in all the blessings that it has to offer me and this was enough somehow. I felt the rising sun burn away what meager store of grief I had and was recharged anew.

Oh, I just have to share what a campmate said about meeting Playa folks outside of Burning Man…

"I know, as soon as I learn that somebody I meet is a Burner, that I can instantly trust them with my life and all of my belongings."

So true! Plus, the guy who said it is from New York City.

Thank you to all you lovely Burning Man folks for the time of my life! Hello From Eugene, Oregon! Hugs and kisses, shrieks of mirth, and tears of joy!

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