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Burning man for me is a backdrop, a setting, the perfect environs to celebrate friends, love, life and community. For one week I get to not just imagine that I live in the same city as some of the most exquisite people I know, but to actually live with them. We share our meals, our laughter, hugs, showers, deepest inner thoughts and fleeting surface whimsies with each other. We dance, play, become intoxicated with and on one another. We celebrate each other in a playground of unfettered imagination, creativity, art, music, entertainment and all the while feeling the pull of insistence that we participate and interact with our surroundings and the wonders it holds. It's a macrocosm of fun and enjoyment with revelers that know how to appreciate and enhance the experience.

I spend much of my playa time in a precious, childlike state of awe. I am amazed every second of every day on the playa by the effort that is put into bringing the most incredible place on earth out the middle of a flat, featureless playa (unless you count dust and cracks in the ground features). Everything that is there was brought, everything that was brought will be removed and the playa returns to its previous blank state for another year. It is miraculous!

When we arrived on Sunday, we were surrounded by huge open spaces. As the week progressed, the space became filled, then lit, then saturated with sounds and colors and laughter. Four bikes became twenty. Three tents became two dozen and as every new community member arrived, the love increased exponentially with them.

Our camp this year was a melding of hearts. Camp Love Potion and Camp Rabbit Hole = Love Hole. We were neighbors last year, across the street from one another. This year we shared the same block, with Rabbit Hole facing the mountains and Love Potion facing the Man, but the real magic happened in between the two streets, where we camped and lived together as one big happy community. I met some wonderful people and got to rekindle the love of many others.

Thank you, all of you, for making my burn special, wonderful and memorable.

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