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X-posted from my journal (which is entirely related to Burning Man right now anyway)

The de-Playafication of everything is going well. I wiped down all my food before bringing it into the house; it was so strange not to see that thin, fine brown layer covering everything. I also did my laundry today . . . all four loads. Brad also got me 3 cans of air from Radio Shack. I'm hoping that this will be enough to blast the dust off of all my duffle bags. One I get those cleaned up, and take some stuff to the dry cleaner, I'll be completely set. I think I'm going to keep the strange fabrics attached to my bike, though. They'll help me find good old Rusty (who almost doesn't deserve that name in her new duds) in a crowd, and hey, it would be nice to have something physical from the Playa in my every day life.

Just now I had an excellent stoned conversation with a couple friends of mine in the back yard, about Burning Man. I did the best I could to explain the atmosphere of the place, some of our wacky adventures, and the things that I'd seen. They're extremely excited about the prospect of going next year. I have at least 5 or 6 friends who are extremely excited at the prospect of going. It would be wonderful to share such an experience with these people who are so important to my life right now, and I think everyone has something to learn from being in that place. I think they didn't really get some of the concepts that I was trying to explain, but it would be silly to expect anything different. Ben, one of my listeners, hit it on the head when he said, "Wow, it sounds like something you just have to experience." That statement alone makes me think that he'll be a wonderful virgin burner. Inn retrospect, starting off as a blank slate really helped my first Burning Man experience.

Now, I almost feel as if I was talking to burners, simply by the way they were listening. It's hard to explain, but something about the awe and wonder in which they responded to my tales helped me to relive the feeling of being there. The fact that I was out in nature also made me feel more at home. While of course grass, trees, and bushes are nearly nonexistent on the Playa, something about sitting in a quiet circle and just talking under the stars made it feel like camp. They also really want to meet the people that I went with this year. Like I did (and still do), they really like the idea of being camped with or near veteran burners.

P.S. The only part that seems to be sucking about decompressing in Isla Vista is I really hate the sound of drunken screaming and rabble rousing. It's too different from my various drugged states, I think. Where's a nice, quiet pho0ka when I need one?

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