I may not look it, but I'm interested (tiarastar) wrote in burning_man,
I may not look it, but I'm interested


We're all sad that we had to leave the playa...me included.

But the part about re-entry is this:

Make your lively happy (or what ever you felt) times a part of your life all the time, and include new people in your heart and keep the burn alive year round!

I had such an amazing, uplifting, and powerful experience. I made it what I wanted to, without pre-conceived ideas. This was my first year, and now I'm no longer a virgin. I knew what to look forward to, and how to survive in the desert, because there are so many wonderful burners on LJ that gave me the insight...but most of all it boosted my spirit to go and seek it for myself.

I think we all took something, and then left something behind in return. Now it's time to share that with others, and look forward to 2005.

Love you all!
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