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We are a culture of runaways. We are running away from lives that don't fulfill us and give us the answers we desire. We sacrifice our comforts and expose ourselves to the harshness of a desert storm. The wind blows through our weaknesses' tearing away the pieces we have held on to to protect what little we call our own. We are exposed and breathless in the momentum of the force of nature that we succumb too. We retreat inside for a final solitary moment of protection but than there is a light that pierces through the dust and leads us out to the unknown. There we find the remnants of what was and we leave foot prints through the dust and we see the path of others. We follow it as it takes us on a journey across a vast span of nothingness. Than we see that these are in fact our own footprints and we have just come full circle - we have been on our own path all along but we could not recognize it. We are home.
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