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Back home and Back to the grind!

Wow. Even tho the weather wasn't on our side, at least we had one hell of a time being able to play Eh!! ;) I Love how burningman represents the beginning of a new year for me. One i've missed in 2 years. My Wife Loxie and I did have a great time at Burningman this year and I want to thank everybody for the healing vibes that were granted. I think that in our camp I actually took up a good majority of our healing vibes. Every year I go to burningman my Life changes and it changes for the best.

This year helped me in a long way of spiritual and physical healing. As much as we all love to complain about the dust from the playa, going out there away from our recycled air. The room on the playa is sooo huge and Offers us growth, unlike some of us who sit in cube farms. This year has given me a lot more in the way of personal and spiritual growth and one that makes me stand tall and put my chin back up and walk proud out there everyday. Everyear that I can participate in a
BurningMan or similar environment is what the spiritual doctor has to order.

Thank you Again All for the healing energy that you have given. Thank you all for being the Family. The Family that is known as BurningMan :)

DJ Launchpad
Adam Howe ;)

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