Media Victim (mediavictim) wrote in burning_man,
Media Victim

The Adventures of Gnome Chomsy

So this Burning Man I didn't have any big -scale art projects
and Since I didn't have time to get the Beans for their return trip to
the black rock playa - I thought I would take along my Glowing Gnome.

I took him everywhere and got about 100 photos of him with people,
places and art within the Burning Man festival.

But in the end ...the poor little Bastard didn't see it comming...
he never thought I would turn on him ... and when the Man fell to the
flames .. the poor little fool was thrown in there to burn with him.
kind like the wicker man- honored throughout the festival and
then Burned at the end.

The next day I went to the temple of dreams and
write him a message of thanks.
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