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Assault on Burn Night

On Sunday morning, I awoke to a bit of a shock. When I went to say my good-byes to my fellow Media Team members, I learned that my co-worker Dennis, aka Flackmaster, had been assaulted the previous night near the Temple. He spent a few hours in Medical Services before being released. This was very upsetting, but it was heartening to see his friends and co-workers rally around to support him. He's a gentle soul with a great sense of humor, and the backbone of the Media Team. I saw him Sunday afternoon. Despite having his arm in a sling, his body bruised up and a possible concussion, he showed up to help strike camp, even though we had extra folks and told him we had it under control. He's just *that* kind of guy, so I find it even more upsetting this happened to him.

Anyway, my good friend and Media Team Manager Jim Graham has put out an APB explaining the situation, and asking people to come forward with information. Here is his most recent letter:


Hey all,

One of my media team captains, Dennis Hinkamp, was assaulted after the burn Saturday night out near the temple. A guy in clown face paint pushed him off his bike and when Dennis got up the guy continued hitting him and stole his bike.

REMSA misdiagnosed his broken arm (that's another story) and I got word yesterday that Dennis will now require surgery to install a small plate and screws that will allow him to regain full use of his arm.

He got a tip yesterday that members of a "clown camp" around 9 o'clock and Earth were discussing that someone there named Johnny had beaten up a guy and stolen his bike. The person who provided the tip said that this guy thought it was a joke but later regretted it.

I'm going to write a blurb for the Jack Rabbit Speaks asking people for information on this camp, but until then I wanted to get this out to all of you on the chance that you all might know something about this camp or know someone who camped there. If you could email me privately or post info here, I would greatly appreciate it. I want this guy found and I want him prosecuted.


Jim Graham
Media Team Operations Manager

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