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Confused by Disappointment

I don't post here often, but thought that this would be a good forum to discuss something that's on my mind.

There have been many accounts of people being disappointed with this year's burning man, calling it one hell of a party but nothing more. Obviously, everyone is entitled to have a unique impression of the burn from their point of perception. However, the apathy is a little surprising and confusing to me. Let me just say up front that I had an incredible burn. Of course there were lows and highs, peaks and valleys, as I would expect from anything this emotionally challenging.

Let me also separate having a bad burn, i.e. facing some sort of hardship in the desert that catalyzed some really horrible experience, from just feeling apathetic and bored with it. The former, I completely understand. I understand the negative effects of getting hurt, or having something stolen, a friend falling ill, or a destroyed theme camp.

What confuses me is the sentiment that burning man has lost its spark, that it's just a party, that it wasn't life changing enough or you didn't experience some sort of epiphany.

At the risk of sounding confrontational, I pose some questions to those who feel this way:

Do you really expect your experience to be handed to you on a silver platter?

Is an epiphany guaranteed with the price of admission?

What did you do to create the experience that you wanted?

What did you do to teach others about what burning man means to you?

How did you participate?

and finally...

Why did you come in the first place?

I do not ask these question because I think that your point of view is not valuable, but because I need to understand this apathy phenomenon. I am seriously confused because this experience has been completely divergent from mine, and this year was my fifth. Please help me understand how things can improve. How can we as a community change this? I want to help. Thanks.
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