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This email is going out to everyone that I really am without words to say what I need to say to, other thank THANK YOU.


I have been home since tuesday and have been struggling with tears and post playa sadness - but mostly a lack of words...I havent had the brainpower to sit down and say what I need to.


I want to say and tell you and share with you all so much, but all I can really touch on right now is the most important I want to say:

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

This goes out to all of you! It wouldnt have happened if you hadnt helped the way you did.


Thank you to you who gave me money, love, food, shelter,
shred hotel, transportation, carried my stuff,
 lent me things, gave me things, built me things!,
created everything out of nothing,
created things with me,

challenged me,
prepared me for, partied with me,
showered me, made me laugh, fed me, loved me,
hugged me, adventured with me,
rampaged with me, hid during dust storms,
saught me out and jumped into my tent,
created love,
built a home in the desert (go C4!!!),
spoilt me!!! (thats everyone!!!),
got me drunk, was married by me,

watched the sun rise and fall with me,
returned my bike, returned my shoes!!,
shopped with me,
bought me medicine,
drove me to reno, drove me to the airport,
gave me 5http, hung out with me in the Texas airport,
 let me cry when I got home, painted me silver,
rode couches with me,
 jumped art cars,shivered with me, lit my fire, filmed me,
sang with me, made necklaces and crackers with me,
massaged me,
gifted me,
played fetch with me, gave me playa love,
made the most beauty I have seen in years,
bartended for me,
burned my headdress with me,

missed me, kissed me,
watched the man and the temple burn,
gave me n02! and wine,
gave me a 'taco',

danced all night with me,
spanked strangers with me............


I know I am forgetting or leaving out so many things, but like a dream, there are endless and amazing the milky way it goes on never ends....

thank you for that


- you all shared everything with me so freely....the stars at night, our beautiful cat head and cats ass lounge, the non stop fun and music, the dust, the black rocks: thank you for possibly my last (for a while anyway!!) Burning Man.


Thank you to all those I KNOW,
thank you to all those I dont know,
Thank you to all those I hope to see soon,
and thank you to all those I may never see again....


Thank you for a week at "home", in the desert that always shows me what was important, the playa once again brought out the truth, the truth about myself and my relations to others, about what  I need to change and what I need to let out..about who I REALLY AM and what my life is. Ah, the wonderful playa..I am really without words except thank you for taking me home...thank you, I love you and I couldnt have done it without you all.


I am renewed, I am alive, I am happy.


Love to you and may we cross paths soon and share hugs and tacos soon

your daughter, your playa wife, your girlfriend, your best friend, your companion, your sister, your other half, your evil twin, your friend, your aquaintance,

Love your

Amazon aka "Ami"



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