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Neptune Elected Mayor of Black Rock City ! ! !

We are pleased to announce that after a long & arduous campaign,
Neptune has been elected:

Mayor of Black Rock City 2004 ! ! !

Neptune after his inauguration with his Chief Adviser Mongo the Monkey

Neptune won by an overwhelming majority.
The other candidate Ornsbee, of Ornsbee's campaign headquarters at 4:30 and Mercury won less then 10 percent of the vote. His lack of votes is attributed to his dismal campaigning efforts and general lack of propaganda. It was also rumored that Jupiter & Extremo the Clown were in the running for Mayor. But these rumors proved to be false and neither figure was on the final ballot.

We are over-joyed here at Neptune headquarters.
The Monkeys are pooping, the Kitties meowing,
and the Fishies are swimming in tiny circles.
We all knew he could do it!

It is obvious that Neptune won on strength of his solid platform.
He fights the good fight.
He supports the issues that appeal to the citizens of Black Rock City.
He is an amphibian of the people!

Neptune votes 'Yes' on:

1. Reinstatement of Large Art Cars!
Bring back La Contessa!
Bring back the Dragon!

2. Lost & Found

3. Safety Cone Domes

4. Naked Mud Wrestling

5. Well thought-out art themes like Beyond Belief and Floating World

6. Fuzzy Monkey Love

7. Proposition 743: The Equal Spanking Amendment.
In which both the left and right cheeks are to receive
Equal spanks, in any spanking situations.
This amendment also protects the rights of the spanker and the spanked.

And most importantly

8. The Complete Rehydration of the Playa

Neptune Votes 'No' on:

1. Vending

2. Mandatory Choreography

3. Dust Storms!

4. Poorly Executed Annual Art Themes

In summary,
Neptune Votes MORE FIRE, LESS RULES ! ! !

On behalf of Neptune, Mayor of Black Rock City,
We Thank You for Your Support!
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