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Burning Man highlights

for me, a few things really stood out. in no particular order:

A) The phenomenal Capoeira dance/martial art/music performers in the Center Camp Cafe

B) A beautiful girl at the Orange Party that danced with me and then invited ME to leave with her, after which we made out on the playa for an hour or so, being heckled by art cars that drove by, and finally returned to my tent for more privacy. And did I mention she was BEAUTIFUL? Outstanding.

C) iced chai. the shame of spending money was drowned and washed away in that delicious iced chai.

D) taking a flame enema in exchange for a ride on the Chairway To Heaven.

E) the ambush bar across the street from my camp near 5:00 and Uranus.

F) wonderful next-door neighbors.

G) best entheogen experience ever.

H) watching my friends fight in the death guild thunderdome. ROCK.

I) seeing old friends from recycle camp and their AMAZING new can crushing machine.

J) community, cooperation, openness, humor, humility, hooliganry, and booze!
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