The Entire Nation of Amberica - Population: Me! (amberica) wrote in burning_man,
The Entire Nation of Amberica - Population: Me!

No pictures!

Hello Burners!
This was my first year in BRC, and I would have to say that even with the sucky stuff (you know, the wind and cold and dusty blizzards - I left North Dakota to get AWAY from all that!) it was overall definitely a positive experience for me.

My b/f zebracar (his 4th burn) and I had these really awesome silver outfits that we would wear around the playa, and tons of people took our pictures which was really fun, but somehow, we seem to have forgotten to get any pictures of ourselves! If anyone got pix of either one or 2 people in silver skirts and masks, could you post them so I can see what we looked like? (lol - There weren't any full length mirrors in our camp!) He had a long robe with purple trim and a hood and silver mask that covered his entire face, and a long walking stick with some crystals at the top. I was in a silver skirt with a matching poncho and a headdress that I would wrap over my face, kinda Lawrence of Arabia style.

Again if any of you happened to take our pix, we would love to see them! It would be much appreciated Thanks!

~Amber Joy
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