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okay, I have been doing alot of thinking.

So I know I am last minute for this, well, it could be worse. So here is the deal, I was really up in the air about going. Just time, money etc. And honestly, my close friends here would not go. But then i really thought about it, and figured it would be good for me, and give me something to work for till then. A goal.
I feel alot better meeting up with LJers. Alot of my friends on lj go to the CONs and that just does not seem like my deal.
So now if everyone could help me a little with getting prepaired, I would really apperciate it.
I have been on the page, and know some of the basics of BM. I have been reading about it for the last four years, and have known friends that have gone over the years and it has meant the world to them. Everyyear an oppurtunity has come up and I have taken it over BM. Well not this year...
So I have contacted people in AZ. There will be a caravan. That seems like a good deal. I am sure i know a few people in the city going so... I am off for more stuff.
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