Ranger Elvis (lokislittletoe) wrote in burning_man,
Ranger Elvis

SD/OC Decompression

Just letting all you LJ Burners know that the San Diego/Orange County Decompression was fabulous. I had a great time with some amazing friends old and new. I wanted to thank the organizers (Jones & crew) for their hard work, the djs--especially Wolfie, Porter Tinsley and Saynt who had mind blowing sets, the musicians like the Original Booty Burglars and Soul of the Machine, the dancers like the Jim Boz Belly Dancers and the breathtaking little blonde who was dancing on the side stage during Wolfie's set. My fellow Rangers were fantastic as always--Tarmac, Crow, Keeper, Filthy, Estero, Burnstream, Mushroom, Grover, Beauty, Rat Bastard, and especially Mithra and Sasquatch for pulling two 12 hour Khaki shifts each. But I really wanted to thank all the beautiful Burners who made the event unforgettable. Love you all! Stay sane in the mundane world during the year--remember you're *really* all Rock Stars. See you on the Playa...

--Ranger Elvis

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