Pink Monster (iceblink) wrote in burning_man,
Pink Monster

OK A little over a month to go

Mark and I have decided that this tent should suit our needs at Burning Man this year.

This will be the LiveJournal tent where all community type activities will occur. The journal writing and whatever parties we choose to have.

For the journals - here are some examples.

Journal Image 1

Journal Image 2

Journal Image 3

Journal Image 4

We need more journals however. Please let me know if you plan to bring any so we can plan.

We are planning on having tables and chairs for people to do their work. Ideally four card tables and 16 folding chairs. Does anyone have anything they could bring? I know that I have four chairs and probably one table.

How does every body feel about contributing 25 to 40 dollars each to the cost of running LiveJournal camp. The money can go toward the cost of supplies, journals, lighting, the generator for electricity, and possibly community meals.

We want to make LiveJournal camp fun for everyone but Mark and I cannot do it alone. We will of course do what we can.

As soon as I get a map worked out of the camp layout, I will post it.
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