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Live Journal Out-Post??

Ok - with all the talk of an LJ meet-up etc at Burning Man - is anyone intersted in an LJ Village/camp?? I don't mind coordinating and coming in early to rope off space etc - and I've worked on coordinating cross-country camps before (annually....) - anyway - it would be a great chance to meet LJ folks and still camp with our friends/family (hence the village part)......

Was thinking we could have a mid-week party (ie. our meet-up) to meet our neighbors etc....and a cocktail party before the burn on Saturday - anything else is up in the air......if you're interested - as with the meet-up - let me know!

Just a thought - it just seems there are so many of us out there and not everyone has a way to become involved in a large camp/village......would be quite entertaining I'm sure!
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