SAY ALOHA TO MY A-HOLA (tedleo) wrote in burning_man,

some yee haw for the woo hoo ha

i've been reading lots on this idea of a borg2 and all that it means and that they want from it. they being borg2. it's been said that if there is a year to do the dicky box this is it. the theme is supposed to meet the mind of the box and the concern is never been greater. we are on the edge of doing and we have no excuses like moving, love or bastardom left. this is indeed the year. with the split and the two borgs that offers up the idea of nearly half a million dollars in art funding. sure there will be plywood cot outs that have been painted on, but i redmind you that my second favorite bit of art my first year was a plywood cut out that had been painted and stuck on the trash fence. will a box with me in it, be enough to please. will the statement be stong enough with out fire and standing in the community. oh. dare i. i did. the split and the riff is art vs. community. normally those who know me would think i would side with art. it allows a sense of isolation that i adore and it's creation. my biggest qualm with the borg is no feeling of connection, but i can't seem to get behind these artist who think so much of their fire and metal and club that the idea of ravers and hippies who come to ingest fire and pills, is too much. you see. i may really stand behind my own personal motto of fuck the people. but i've never doubted their worth. an artist needs community to live. an artist needs a public and the idea that art comes first just isn't cool.. this thing. borg. isn't about community or art. it's about survival and balance. you bring out everything you need to get by for a week. it's different for each ticket holder. some need more water, some need more art, some more acid. i'd hate to push the scales in their favor by offering up my project in art and isolation from community. but maybe it's perfect. taking art, using it to isolate and watching community overwhelm the art. and in the middle, me not really getting any of it, or maybe getting all of it. it being the score on fire.

do we take this to borg 1 or borg 2. who do we feed the whiskey to on proposal night.

is it worth it? or is it a sf bay area art boy club? are they, am i, willing to push comfort zones.

is this box even art?

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