The purpose of life, is to live. (extrastout) wrote in burning_man,
The purpose of life, is to live.

Heh. Burning Man Complaint Form.

Hi my name is _________ and I have been going to Burning Man for ____ years now.

I thought Burning Man was really ______ this year, but it lacked the _______ of past
events. I think the main problem is that Burning Man now has too much _______ going
on and not nearly enough _______. I mean, Burning Man is all about ________ so when
a bunch of __________ show up and ________ for the whole event, they are
totally ruining the ________ that we are all trying to create. I remember
when you could find ______ anywhere on the playa, and people were super
_______ but that seems to be changing.
Im not sure if Im going to keep going, but Burning Man is one of the most important
things in my life, and I have _______ too much ______ for this event to just
keep my mouth shut.

Sincerly _________

; )
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