Rachelina Peppertina (peppermintspice) wrote in burning_man,
Rachelina Peppertina

BM Art Project

I think I've got the first incarnation of my idea.
It's really deceptively fucking simply easy, with the Psyche theme in mind - the symbols that surround us.

Burn platform all around.
Large plywood wall construct, labyrinth-like, tethered to the ground.
External walls blank, with containers of paint so passersby can graffiti. (Paint affixed to walls in some way to eliminate M00P and stealing)
First layer internal - culture symbols.
Second layer internal - system symbols (astrological, tarot, etc).
Third layer internal - archetype drawings (symbols and pictures to express - ex: masculine and feminine, the Triple Goddess, the Hanged Man/Dying God, etc).

Costs are minimal compared to what I was originally planning.
Construction pretty simple.
To be finished on-playa as collaboration with all who wish to participate.
Burn at the end to send all the manifested symbols back up to the aethers, back into the Collective Unconscious.

Thoughts? Ideas? Constructive criticisms? Advice?

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